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In a world with more houses but fewer homes, we believe there is a need to do things differently. At Shri Shyam Builders we don't mass produce houses; we handcraft homes. We build low rise apartments even if it means not maximising built-up area. We rarely undertake more than two projects at a time - ensuring maximum attention to every detail of every project.

We don't just sell apartments; we select the right people who will build a community. When 'online sales' is the latest fad, Shri Shyam Builders senior management personally meets with every apartment owner before a sale. We sell through referrals and create harmonious groups of friends that grow organically.

When you step into your Shri Shyam Builders home, you can be sure that your neighbour will have similar values as you and your child can safely walk into your neighbours' homes. Your family will soon extend beyond your own home.


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Limited edition plots majestically built for the few who desire for class and luxury. A project with a never before vision in Raigarh and perhaps never again will. We are providing you with the land of your dreams, where you, luxury and modernity can celebrate together. Over the next coming years, Samta colony is likely to be one of the premium development Raigarh city will notice. We are offering an untapped growth potential from an end user as well as an investment perspective. Nestled amidst the largest mangrove belt covering the most of the city and outside through its premium connectivity.


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